Seeing is believing


Wise Words:

You Only Live Once. But if you do it right, Once is enough. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. Its Learning to dance in the rain.

– Unknown


18 thoughts on “Seeing is believing

  1. Great capture! Love the quotes. I see choice and opportunity in this photo. You can either stay back in your comfort zone where things feel familiar and secure. Nothing wrong with that if you’re satisfied. Or you can branch out beyond the boundaries into a wide open space filled with an abundance of new adventure. Either choice is fine; just depends on what you want. Kinda like vacation: do you want days of relaxation or days filled with activity? Wow, makes me want to go the spot you photographed. Looks like a place I can have both. Enjoyed the visit to your blog.

    • Thank you! Exactly, sometimes we need to think for ourselves and not let ther people do the thinking for you. The lake where i took this picture is truely beautiful. I love it there. It’s quite big and had a lot of fishermen. Thank you for you comment 😉

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