Flowers to me, appear to make people feel better. I know that whenever my Dad comes home with flowers, it always makes my mum happily smile.

Flowers are an expression of care. You give flowers to someone to show that you have thought of them. Whether they are going through a tough time or simply just because.

Once when I was little, I was always jealous of my mum because my dad would always bring her flowers and never me. One day he came home, I ran to the door to greet him like usual, and he had flowers in his hand. He knelt on his knee he told me he loved me and gave me the flowers instead of giving them to my mum. I was really shocked and beamed a smile. I gave him a giant hug and I ran into the kitchen and shoved them into a vase and ran upstairs. An hour later my mum came upstairs to see what I have been doing for the last hour or so, because she became suspicious of my quietness. she entered my room laughing, because I had spent ages trying to find the perfect place to put them. But I couldn’t find that perfect place. So my mum just found me sitting in the middle of my bed crying. My mum, gave me a hug and held my hand leading me over to the window sill and took the flower vase out of my hand and placed the on the window sill.

She said ” Now they can see their friends in the garden.”

Flowers are like sunshine, happiness, medicine for your heart.

I challenge you to give someone a flower(s) for no reason. Just because you care about them. I bet it will make them smile.

Try it.

Friends? Or best friends?


A good friend, knows all your best stories

A best friend, has lived them with you.

See the difference?

Friends. What would be do without them?

My best friend and I have this secret language of looks. You see, all we have to do is give each other a distinct look and we know exactly what each other means. It’s quite weird really. It’s not like we made it up it on purpose. The looks we give each other became known. (looks are mainly given when certain boys pass by). I love knowing her so well that I can practically guess what she is about to say. Usually I am right.

When it comes to the matter between friends and best friends, you have to refer back to the quote I started on. Then, once judging, you can pick your real friends from the fake. My dearest Mum always said to me, that its better to make friends than enemies. If you actually want that to apply, then sometimes you have to be the ‘bigger person’. Yes, I know it can be hard, but sometimes that’s the step you have to take to make your life all that bit simpler.

Friendship. It can go two ways.

Capture moments

scrabble two

I was inspired by my brother who was playing scrabble on the iPad. So this idea came to me.

It was quite fun doing this; except, my brother and dog did ruin it (by accident) so I had to re-do it several times, putting all the scrabble pieces in the correct place, all neat and tidy. Not gonna lie, I am a terribly bad perfectionist.

Who said not to play with my food?





Playing with you food definitely has it advantages.


  • It lets you be creative. As my mum would say: Lets my creative juices flow.
  • When you have to eat all the sweets because you have finished photographing them. What a shame, eh?
  • It looks flipping awesome, once you have finished!
  • Fixing the amount of sweets in the photograph, by ‘taking‘ one away. Taking. Not eating. Taking. Pufftt!
  • Put the Mini Fruity Pencils in you mouth, so makes it look like you have fangs. Then hiss at your dog, and watch the dog stare at you and walk away after staring at you for about 5 minutes in utter disappointment that she got you for an owner.
  • Letting everyone in your family have a sweet and not give one to your brother. And watch him get annoyed until he gets really cross, then see him realise that shouting at me isn’t getting him any closer to the sweet bag. Then all of a sudden he turns nice and realise that didn’t work either. Therefore goes in a mood. Then you feel nice so you pelt a sweet at him. He screams out in joy and eats it happily. Despite the fact I just chucked it at him.


  • Is there one?