Who said not to play with my food?





Playing with you food definitely has it advantages.


  • It lets you be creative. As my mum would say: Lets my creative juices flow.
  • When you have to eat all the sweets because you have finished photographing them. What a shame, eh?
  • It looks flipping awesome, once you have finished!
  • Fixing the amount of sweets in the photograph, by ‘taking‘ one away. Taking. Not eating. Taking. Pufftt!
  • Put the Mini Fruity Pencils in you mouth, so makes it look like you have fangs. Then hiss at your dog, and watch the dog stare at you and walk away after staring at you for about 5 minutes in utter disappointment that she got you for an owner.
  • Letting everyone in your family have a sweet and not give one to your brother. And watch him get annoyed until he gets really cross, then see him realise that shouting at me isn’t getting him any closer to the sweet bag. Then all of a sudden he turns nice and realise that didn’t work either. Therefore goes in a mood. Then you feel nice so you pelt a sweet at him. He screams out in joy and eats it happily. Despite the fact I just chucked it at him.


  • Is there one?

20 thoughts on “Who said not to play with my food?

  1. I remember when I was a child my mum slapped me for spelling rude words with the alphabet spaghetti, so I guess thats a disadvantage?

    • Hahaha! OhMiGoodness! SIr, you made my day. And yes. Yes that would be a disadvantage. You totally desevered those (guessing you did that more than once) slaps. πŸ˜€

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