Friends? Or best friends?


A good friend, knows all your best stories

A best friend, has lived them with you.

See the difference?

Friends. What would be do without them?

My best friend and I have this secret language of looks. You see, all we have to do is give each other a distinct look and we know exactly what each other means. It’s quite weird really. It’s not like we made it up it on purpose. The looks we give each other became known. (looks are mainly given when certain boys pass by). I love knowing her so well that I can practically guess what she is about to say. Usually I am right.

When it comes to the matter between friends and best friends, you have to refer back to the quote I started on. Then, once judging, you can pick your real friends from the fake. My dearest Mum always said to me, that its better to make friends than enemies. If you actually want that to apply, then sometimes you have to be the ‘bigger person’. Yes, I know it can be hard, but sometimes that’s the step you have to take to make your life all that bit simpler.

Friendship. It can go two ways.

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