Flowers to me, appear to make people feel better. I know that whenever my Dad comes home with flowers, it always makes my mum happily smile.

Flowers are an expression of care. You give flowers to someone to show that you have thought of them. Whether they are going through a tough time or simply just because.

Once when I was little, I was always jealous of my mum because my dad would always bring her flowers and never me. One day he came home, I ran to the door to greet him like usual, and he had flowers in his hand. He knelt on his knee he told me he loved me and gave me the flowers instead of giving them to my mum. I was really shocked and beamed a smile. I gave him a giant hug and I ran into the kitchen and shoved them into a vase and ran upstairs. An hour later my mum came upstairs to see what I have been doing for the last hour or so, because she became suspicious of my quietness. she entered my room laughing, because I had spent ages trying to find the perfect place to put them. But I couldn’t find that perfect place. So my mum just found me sitting in the middle of my bed crying. My mum, gave me a hug and held my hand leading me over to the window sill and took the flower vase out of my hand and placed the on the window sill.

She said ” Now they can see their friends in the garden.”

Flowers are like sunshine, happiness, medicine for your heart.

I challenge you to give someone a flower(s) for no reason. Just because you care about them. I bet it will make them smile.

Try it.

28 thoughts on “Flowers?

  1. Giving flowers? Of course! When I was in university (first weeks), I gave a flower to a very beautiful girl I never met who just sang a song in front of 1500 of the new students. It was amazing. I ran from outside of the building to the stage in a kneeling position. She took the flowers I picked from the garden outside of the building and followed by thousands of applauses.

    And of course I’ve been giving flowers since then to all the girls I love πŸ™‚

    Great topic for the posting!

  2. I think “no reason” is a great reason to do many nice things, including giving flowers. And nice shot. With my quick first-glance and your blown-out clouds, I thought it was a painting. Then seeing through the petals that way reminded me of a pressed flower between glass….like a just-saved memory. Which, with the addition of your sweet story, it now is πŸ™‚

    • Good point. You should give to people for any reason, or for none. You don’t have to give flowers, anything would do.

      Thank you for the kind comment. πŸ˜‰

  3. Such a sweet story! When I was in 8th grade I was in a class play and my parents were out of town. My grandmother came to the play but it wasn’t the same and I was really sad. Then when I got home there was a bouquet of flowers in a vase with a card that had been delivered to me congratulating me on being in the play. I felt EVER so much better after that πŸ™‚

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