Capture moments

scrabble two

I was inspired by my brother who was playing scrabble on the iPad. So this idea came to me.

It was quite fun doing this; except, my brother and dog did ruin it (by accident) so I had to re-do it several times, putting all the scrabble pieces in the correct place, all neat and tidy. Not gonna lie, I am a terribly bad perfectionist.



URRGG! I don’t like being ill. I have better things to do than sit in bed all day. Not that I’m complaining all that much. It’s 100% better than school!

This picture shows you my whole day:

Sneeze and cough,

Go on laptop and look at pointless nothing,

Cough more,

Text people even though I know they are not going to reply because they are all busy,

Feel dead,

Read a billion books,

Cough and sneeze at the same time and then just sit in awe of what just happened,

Feel even more dead,

Check my phone for any replies then witness that I have none,

Talk to the dog,

Listen to christmas songs and cry wishing it was christmas,

Cough even more,

Go back on my laptop and continue to look at pointless things.

Realise my tissues have more room on the bed than I do,

The dog leaves me for food (then slightly feel betrayed),

Finally get a text: It’s from virgin mobile company telling me phone needs a ‘upgrade’,

Lightning man comes to fix the lights so I hide under the covers till he leaves,

Tell the fly in my room that “when I find you, I will kill you” (with a box of tissues in my hand at the ready to chuck)

Thrilling day, eh?