Fantastic fun in fresh air: Blackpool



A few days ago I got the excitement of visiting Pleasure Beach Blackpool. I loved every minute of it.

Despite the sun-blocking clouds, the fun was all the same:



This Picture is what happens when you ask your hyper mum and brother to pose seriously and smile nicely for a photo.

This is what you get:

My mum supported a serious gangster peace lover style and my brother started striding back and forth in a wooing flirtatious manner. Family, eh?

Capture moments

scrabble two

I was inspired by my brother who was playing scrabble on the iPad. So this idea came to me.

It was quite fun doing this; except, my brother and dog did ruin it (by accident) so I had to re-do it several times, putting all the scrabble pieces in the correct place, all neat and tidy. Not gonna lie, I am a terribly bad perfectionist.