Back in the day when playing in the snow with your brother was nothing but the ultimate best.

What we did:

  1. We would have snow ball fights and then get bored with having to make the snow balls and end up chucking pieces of snow and watch it turn to dust in the air and fall at your feet.
  2. We would attempt to build snow forts and get bored as we watched our snow forts become complete failures and go back to the first bullet point.
  3. We would observe the dog trying to eat the snow and watch her cough it out as it is too cold and watch her begin to shiver as a result of eating the snow. We than laugh at her quite meanly.
  4. We try to convince either one of our parents to come and play with us. Finally one of them will give up (usually dad). He would come out in full snowman gear, take a few penguin like steps in the snow and turn around complaining a moan about the cold. We stood shivering with laughter and pulling him away from the door. He was obviously stronger than us, so we couldn’t hold him back for long.
  5. See who could make the best snow angel. I always won that competition!

Snow Falling

snow falling

It took ages to finally take a good photo of the snow, because it kept stopping and starting snowing again, so I would look outside my window and see it is snowing. By the time I become a snowman in layers of clothing, it has stopped snowing! Frustrated, I would take all my snowman layers off and then realise it is snowing again and the circle continues.