Summer time


Finally! Summer, for me that is, has arrived! That’s right! No more work, madness and stress! I have finished school and have now have 6 weeks of sheer freedom to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I finished school at half twelve today (we had a half day). I have only been on ‘holiday’ for a few hours… and I am feeling a little bored…

My glasses have broken (sorry about that mum) so I can’t read; the TV is being hogged by rowdy, annoying, loud but lovely twelve-year olds A.K.A my brothers friends – who are featured in the photograph above (there were more than just four though… Bite me.). SO I decided to take advantage of them being here and photograph them playing various idiotic games. It was nice having someone other than my brother to photograph, who, by the way, is a little vain when I have my camera in my hand and always has to be in every photograph i take, even if it means his hand or his finger that he snuck into the photograph, somehow…

10 thoughts on “Summer time

    • Thanks! It turned out pretty good! It really does. I have books that I have to read for school over the summer and I want to read them as soon as possible. I should be getting some more on the weekend. Wooh! Tell me about it! I hate going back to school but I like seeing my friends again though.

    • Thanks! I told them to jump, I was impressed. Especially the boy on the end with the orange top. He could jump REALLY high!
      Hopefully getting some more on the weekend. But cooler glasses than last time. My old ones made me look like a 40 year old nerdy accountant! πŸ˜€ not a cool look for school tbh!

    • Thanks! You too! And yeah… My mum wasn’t pleased about that πŸ˜€ I stepped on them by accident and I just heard this loud crunch. All I said was ‘oh. Mi. gosh! Knew this would happen!’ πŸ˜€

    • I got some more now! Finally! Wooo!

      And thank you I wanted to capture the freedom of summer and the youthful aspect of it. So what’s more summer like than a High School Musical themed jump!?

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