My masterpiece.

All my family are coming round my house for a BBQ. As a result, my mother told me to make one of my famous salads for the occasion. You see, I do a pretty incredible salad. I never want anyone to eat it because it always looks to pretty too eat…

Anyway, I kinda got a little carried away as you can see. The problem was I didn’t really have a photograph for this weeks photo challenge. So I made my own masterpiece of the fruit and vegetables available in my fridge and fruit bowl at the time.

My mum asked for a salad… she got this.

‘One man’s masterpiece is another man’s salad.’

Tina Schell

35 thoughts on “Masterpiece

  1. I wonder whether your mother is surprised at the creation you mde in response to her salad request, or whether she requests things just to see what you make? πŸ™‚ I would!

      • Thanks for the perusal of my blog and the likes of a few of my posts. This is only my third week participating in the photo challenge and it has been fun to meet new bloggers and pick up some photo tips in the process.

      • Awr, your welcome. And good luck with future photos. Some challenges are harder than others. Sometimes I have to google what the themed word means! It can be super random! You just have to be prepared. It helps if you take pictures of everything even if it seems useless, it always ends up being useful!

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